industry headlines

Just How Popular Are Cage-Free Eggs?

2010-05-14 While the United Egg Producers claim low sales in supermarkets mean low popularity for cage-free eggs, the Humane Society of the United States thinks other metrics support the movement.

Quiznos Gains Capital from Primary Shareholders

2010-04-22 CEo and founder of Quiznos Rick Schaden says that the recent investment shows the confidence that shareholders have in the company's vision.

Quiznos Launches Operating Partner Program

2010-04-20 The new Quiznos program is intended to allow 200 entrepreneurs with prior restaurant management to earn full ownership of a Quiznos location.

For Its C-Stores, Quiznos Unveils Breakfast

2010-03-15 New menu available to 175 convenience store locations includes a Giant Cinnamon Roll, a Country Sausage and Egg Biscuit, Breakfast Sammies, and Breakfast Subs.

Dayton International Airport Offers More Food Options

2010-03-02 The Ohio airport now offers Starbucks, Quiznos, 12th Fairway Bar & Grill, and Boston Stoker Gourmet Coffee to its travelers.

Quiznos Gets In On the Green

2010-02-24 Sandwich chain rolls out environmentally friendly packaging across its system, including new cups, lids, salad bowls, napkins, and catering boxes.

Former Quiznos Exec Joins Dunkin' Brands

2009-12-01 Rich Emmett is the company's new senior vice president and general counsel.

Quiznos Ad Can Win Someone a Hot Tub

2009-10-19 "Hot and Toasty 'Sweepsteaks'" promoting new Double Cheese Cheesesteak.

Quiznos Announces New Product Innovation Plan

2009-08-10 Flex Plan designed to work around economic needs of the customer.

Quiznos Offering $1 Subs as Recession Help

2009-07-23 Customers who buy one of four Quiznos subs can get a second for just $1.