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Robeks’ Mike Reynolds Talks Building a “Legacy Brand”

2014-01-20 When Mike Reynolds joined Robeks as chief development officer in June 2013, he came equipped with two MBAs and more than 25 years of industry know-how...

Ohio Robeks Celebrates 10th Anniversary

2013-12-10 Robeks, the smoothie and juice franchise with 11 locations in Northeast Ohio, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a week of deals at its first Oh...

Robeks Smoothie Franchise Ends 2013 with Burst of Growth

2013-11-20 After several years of laying low, smoothie franchise Robeks finished 2013 with a burst of activity, announcing plans to bring the brand to Philadelph...

Robeks Attributes Growth to Innovative Products

2013-09-25 Premium smoothie franchise Robeks is on a tear, with year-over-year same-store sales up for 21 consecutive months.

Robeks Slashes Franchise Fee In Half

2013-05-21 Smoothie and juice franchise Robeks is eager to help franchisees take advantage of a market that is primed for small business success and is offering ...

Robeks to Grow in Hometown Los Angeles

2013-05-10 Robeks plans to expand its footprint in Los Angeles.

Robeks Smoothie Sees 2012 Same-Store Sales Growth

2013-04-17 Smoothie franchises shook off the effects of the recession in 2012, with same-store sales growing for several companies.

Robeks Overhauled Menu Has Customers Tipping Their Cups

2013-02-09 Robeks, a premium smoothie and juice franchise that has been on the forefront of healthy eating trends for nearly 20 years, has given its menu a major...

Robeks Blends Up Trio of Greek Yogurt Smoothie Offerings

2012-10-30 Greek yogurt has been filling up and flying off grocery store shelves for the past few years.

Robeks Smoothies Races Down the Growth Track Once Again

2012-10-25 Robeks Smoothie first store opened in Phoenix in 2003, and the brand expanded into Tucson and Prescott Valley, Arizona, before the recession hit in 20...