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Sloan’s Ice Cream Expanding Into Saudi Arabia

2017-03-10 Sloan’s Ice Cream announced a major development deal that will expand the brand into Saudi Arabia.

Sloan's Ice Cream Makes Middle East Debut

2016-03-28 The wait for Sloan’s Ice Cream in Kuwait is over.

Sloan's Brightens Los Angeles with First Area Store

2015-08-20 The Valley is in for a major cool-down when Sloan’s Ice Cream opens this fall in Topanga.

Sloan's Ice Cream Announces Middle East Expansion

2015-05-01 Sloan’s Ice Cream today announced a major development deal that will expand the brand into the Middle East.

San Diego Sloan’s the First to Open Outside Florida

2014-11-25 Sloan’s Ice Cream, the ice cream brand known for its bold pink and neon green walls and heaping amounts of candy, toys, and homemade ice cream, will o...

Sloan’s Ice Cream Awards First CA Franchise Deal

2014-09-15 Sloan’s Ice Cream announced that it has awarded the first franchise location outside of South Florida to local San Diego entrepreneur Ali Hajisattari.

Sloan's Ice Cream Debuts in California

2014-06-10 Sloan’s Ice Cream opens this summer in San Diego, California.

SoCal Entrepreneur Delivers Sloan's Ice Cream to Cali

2013-01-24 Palm Beach, Florida–based Sloan’s Ice Cream—a luxury brand combining flavors with over-the-top aesthetics, including bold pink and neon green walls an...

Sloan's Picks a Winner with Apple Caramel Crisp Ice Cream

2012-12-27 It was a race to the finish in the final moments of the contest, but with six more votes, apple crisp with a caramel swirl inched out a flavor tribute...

Sloan's Outlines Plans for Expansion, Franchising

2012-09-28 Sloan’s, South Florida’s palatial ice cream, candy, and toys paradise, announced its strategic franchise initiative, indulging investors with an oppor...