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1,600 Subways are 'Fit to Fight' Hunger

2011-05-02 Nearly 1,600 Subway restaurants in California, Nevada, and Hawaii are joining together in a social responsibility initiative that focuses on making a ...

More Sodium Reductions to Come at Subway?

2011-04-28 The corporate dietitian for Subway says the sodium reductions across the sandwich chain’s menu took years to accomplish, but that the company isn’t do...

Salt for Subway? Cut It Out

2011-04-18  ...

Health at the Heart of New Subway Sponsorship

2011-04-05 Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, announced its sponsorship of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) CardioSmart National Care Initiati...

Social Media Users Love Subway the Most

2011-03-24 Subway is the most loved fast food chain in the U.S.

Subway In the Movies

2011-03-04 The USC School of Cinematic Arts and Subway Restaurants announced a corporate-academic-creative partnership connecting students at the nation’s top fi...

Subway Grows to 600 in LA

2011-02-28 Subway opened its 600th Los Angeles location.

Report: Keep It Simple, Like Subway

2011-02-26 Subway was the top quick serve in a recent study measuring consumer perceptions of the “simplicity” of various brands.

Subway's Valentine's Gift to You: Free Cookies

2011-02-11 Subway, the world's largest sub sandwich franchise, will host a national Free Cookie Day at all U.S. locations on Monday, February 14.

Subway Co-Founder Helps Out in Connecticut

2011-02-07 The Frederick A.