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QSR Pulls Out All the Stops at NRA

2010-05-22 Have you stopped by booth 4861 to win a free iPod or iPad and grab your own copy of QSR's May issue?...

In Buffalo, Subway Hits a Milestone

2010-04-28 On May 3, 100th Buffalo Subway will open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 410 Main Street.

Subway's Breakfast is Fully Customizable

2010-04-05 New breakfast options at Subway will be prepared in front of customers, who can order breakfast sandwiches on any seasoned 6-inch or footlong breads, flatbread, or light wheat English muffin.

Consultant is Sure Subway's Breakfast Will Be A Winner

2010-04-01 New England Consulting Group says Subway's entry into the morning daypart will challenge McDonald's and Starbucks.

Italian B.M.T. Is The Favorite Among Subway Fans

2010-03-29 In a recent online poll put out by Subway restaurants, fans voted the Italian B.M.T. as the favorite submarine sandwich on the quick-service restaurant's menu.

Subway Joins Cage-Free Crowd—In A Big Way

2010-03-26 Sandwich chain one-ups other quick serves that have committed to partial use of cage-free eggs by committing to total use of cage-free eggs.

Subway Restaurants Link Up With Univision Radio

2010-03-22 The popular sub shop and the leading Spanish language radio broadcaster in the United States will work together to co-sponsor a concert series.

Houston Subway Franchisee Adds Units—In Buffalo, NY

2010-02-22 Fourteen Subway restaurants in Buffalo and Rochester areas of New York sold to Texas franchisee.

For Nutrition, Consumers Put Their Trust in Subway

2010-02-15 Study shows that 24.2 percent of consumers completely trust chain's nutritional claims, while only 16.2 percent do not trust them.

Subway Doling Out the 'Footlong Nation Appreciation'

2010-02-04 Customers can vote online for their favorite footlong sandwich; city or town with the most votes cast by March 22 will be deemed “Capital of Footlong Nation.”...