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For Nutrition, Consumers Put Their Trust in Subway

2010-02-15 Study shows that 24.2 percent of consumers completely trust chain's nutritional claims, while only 16.2 percent do not trust them.

Subway Doling Out the 'Footlong Nation Appreciation'

2010-02-04 Customers can vote online for their favorite footlong sandwich; city or town with the most votes cast by March 22 will be deemed “Capital of Footlong Nation.”...

Zingle Helps Zoom Food Order Texts To Subway

2010-01-18 San Diego-area Subway stores will try to gain more customers through a text message ordering system.

Subway Leads the Charge as Sandwich Segment Grows

2009-12-09 Technomic finds that limited-service sandwich chains increased sales by 6.9 percent in 2008.

'Biggest Loser' Contestant Winning With Subway

2009-12-09 Shay Sorrells, a Season 8 contestant of the NBC show, will be given $1,000 from Subway for every pound she loses before Season 9 finale.

Recycle a Phone, Win a Free Subway Sandwich

2009-12-08 Subway restaurants of Rochester, New York, encouraging customers to recycle old cell phones.

Best Rookie Subway Distributor Named

2009-11-22 Maines takes home Subway and Independent Purchasing Cooperative's Rookie of the Year award.

Seattle's Best, Subway: Brewed to Perfection

2009-11-06 Two quick-serve giants sign partnership for beverage offering.

Subway Songs to Blare at NC State Fair

2009-10-15 "$5 Footlong Song Challenge" will feature five finalists singing songs about Subway.

Are You Ready for Some Subway?

2009-10-01 The sub franchise partners with NBC Sports to encourage football fans to Eat Fresh.