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Subway Celebrates “Mil-Looney-Um”

2000-05-05 Subway has teamed up with Warner Brothers, producers and distributors of entertainment products, to celebrate the "Mil-Looney-Um" from November 15 1999 through January 2, 2000.

Subway Continues Global Growth

2000-05-05 Subway Restaurants has two new flags flying in the Hall of Flags in its Milford, Connecticut headquarters for the newest member-nations to open sandwich shops, the Republic of Zambia and the country of Guyana.

Subway Celebrates National Nutrition Month

2000-05-05 Subway Restaurants has spent the first part of 2000 focused on its low-fat "7 sandwiches with under 6 grams of fat" menu.

All the World Loves Great Bread

2000-05-05 In a major company initiative encompassing more than a year's worth of in-depth research and development, Subway Restaurants announced March 26 the roll out of its re-formulated Italian and wheat bread.

Subway Selects MediaCom

2000-05-05 As of February 15, 2000, the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) has awarded its national media agency-of-record account to MediaCom (New York).

Subway Teams with Tae-Bo Inventor

2000-03-22 As many Americans struggle to keep their weight-related New Year's resolutions, Subway has teamed up with Tae-Bo progenitor and fitness guru Billy Blanks for a new promotion.

Man Loses 245 Lbs. on Subway Diet

2000-01-11 Jared Fogle took an unusual approach to losing some of his 425 pounds. He decided to go out for a sandwich. In fact, he visited a Subway restaurant twice daily for the next year, dropping an amazing 245 pounds in the process.

Designing Strategies

2000-01-01 Marketing consultant Dick Meyer explains the magic behind his Subway growth strategies.By Pam Whitfield...

All Aboard the Web

2000-01-01 Subway franchisee Wendell Rowell knows that creative marketing is key to his the success of his store.

QSRs to Aid in Hurricane Relief Effort

1999-10-05 National quick-service restaurant chains are reaching out to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.