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Taco Bell's Forever 21 Fashion Line is Officially Here

2017-10-13 Taco Bell isn’t exactly a restaurant chain that lacks brand appeal.

Taco Bell to Serve Alcohol at Hundreds of New Locations

2017-09-22 Taco Bell plans to open between 300 and 350 “Cantina” locations by 2022, bringing its alcohol-focused concept to urban areas around the country.

Taco Bell is Getting Naked for Breakfast

2017-08-15 Taco Bell’s mission to redefine the taco shell is showing up for breakfast. Starting August 31, the Naked Egg Taco will hit stores nationwide.

Taco Bell Plans to Award $10M in Scholarships by 2022

2017-08-09 The Taco Bell Foundation announced a plan Wednesday to award $10 million in Live Más Scholarships by 2022.

Yum! Not Seeing Results from Pizza Hut's Fix Just Yet

2017-08-03 Another quarter of declining same-store sales at Pizza Hut offset strong sales growth at KFC and Taco Bell as parent company Yum!...

Taco Bell Targets More International Growth

2017-05-26 Taco Bell will open at least 100 new locations each in China, Brazil, Canada, and India during the next five years in an effort to boost the brand’s s...

Taco Bell's 100,000-Job Promise Has Begun

2017-05-08 Taco Bell’s road to 100,000 new jobs is ready to get started.

Yum! Brands' $130 Million Plan to Fix Pizza Hut

2017-05-04 While Taco Bell’s same-store sales grew 8 percent in the first quarter of 2017 for Yum!...

Taco Bell to Begin Testing Item with Fried Egg Shell

2017-04-06 If there’s a brand that understands the limits of a tortilla, it’s Taco Bell.

PETA Set to Promote Taco Bell (Yes, That's Happening)

2017-04-06 Do PETA and Taco Bell belong in the same conversation? Perhaps the absurdity of that question is the point exactly.