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Free Tacos for U.S. If Mir Hits Target Ocean Target

2001-03-20 Taco Bell is offering a free taco to everyone in the United States if the core of the Mir space station hits a floating Taco Bell target placed in the South Pacific.

Taco Bell Shells Deemed Safe

2000-10-13 Taco Bell Corp. today reiterated that its restaurant taco shells are perfectly safe to eat, and are a different product than the supermarket taco shells recalled by Kraft and Safeway.

Possible Allergan Found in Taco Bell Shells

2000-09-18 A possible genetically engineered substance deemed unfit for human consumption has been found in taco shells bearing the Taco Bell brand, according to The Washington Post.

Waller Strikes Out at Taco Bell

2000-07-19 Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. announced July 18 the appointment of Emil Brolick, 52, as president, chief concept officer of its Taco Bell Corp. division.

Taco Bell Conducts Campaign on pogo.com™

2000-07-17 pogo.com™, the leading independent provider of online games for the mass market, disclosed on Monday, July 17 details of a major online advertising campaign being conducted on the pogo.com service by Taco Bell.

Yo Quiero Taco Bell and 'Digimon'

2000-06-29 Taco Bell announces its summer partnership with "Digimon: Digital Monsters," the #1 Saturday morning Fox Kids Network show.

Chihuahua Rings NYSE OpeningBell

2000-05-03 For several weeks this spring, full-page ads appeared in national publications announcing the "least expensive and most accessible Initial Public Offering in U.S. history."...