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Taco Bell Foundation Names Winners of "Camp Taco Bell"

2012-09-11 Many Americans are unaware that one in four U.S. high school students fail to graduate in four years.

Taco Bell Adds A.M. Crunchwrap to Breakfast Menu

2012-08-31 Taco Bell is introducing the cornerstone of FirstMeal—the new A.M.

Starbucks Holds $87.4M in Impact Media Value

2012-08-22 Starbucks is the top quick-service restaurant brand with $87.4 million of Impact Media Value according to General Sentiment’s Q2 2012 QSR MediaMatch r...

Yum! Brands Excels in Q2, Led by Taco Bell

2012-07-19 Yum! Brands Asian markets continue to surge, fueled by red-hot growth, said CEO David C.

Taco Bell Offers BOGO Promo for Cantina Bell Menu

2012-07-04 Taco Bell today announced that it will support the July 5 launch of its new industry-changing Cantina Bell menu--created by chef Lorena Garcia, who wa...

Taco Bell Debuts Gourmet-Inspired Menu July 5

2012-06-06 Taco Bell will bring gourmet inspired bowls and burritos with its new Cantina Bell menu, an industry-changing partnership with chef Lorena Garcia that...

Mark Wahlberg Leads Taco Bell “Graduate to Go” Campaign

2012-05-30 The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens’ Graduate to Go initiative is inviting Americans to like, share, or tweet to help at-risk teens graduate high schoo...

Taco Bell Big Hitter Box Leverages MLB Sponsorship

2012-05-22 Taco Bell’s food innovation experts are at it again. This time, they’ve found a way to put nachos into a burrito.

Drive-Thru Performance Study 2012 Set to Launch

2012-04-25 Since 1998 researchers across the country have undertaken thousands of drive-thru mystery shops each year with one goal in mind: to establish how quic...

Tacala Acquires 61 Taco Bell Units in St. Louis

2012-03-23 Tacala LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of 34 Taco Bell locations in the St. Louis DMA and two in the Knoxville DMA from Taco Bell Corp.