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Taco John’s Releases 'Most Original Taco' in Brand's History

2016-09-26 Since 1969, Taco John’s has built its name, menu, and reputation around the taco.

Taco John’s Chicken and Gravy Burrito is Here to Stay

2016-08-31 Taco John’s is adding a new option to its breakfast lineup.

Taco John's Brings the Music with Concert Giveaway

2016-08-18 Taco John’s is teaming up with a global leader in live music and one of the most popular soft drinks in the world for its latest promotion.

Taco John's Names CFO Jim Creel as President

2016-08-15 The board of directors for Taco John’s International has named Jim Creel its new president.

Taco John’s Opens at Kansas Love’s Travel Stops

2016-08-12 Love’s Travel Stops has opened its first location featuring a Taco John’s restaurant. Located in Liberal, Kansas, along U.S.

Taco John's Fuses Two Favorites in Quesadilla Taco

2016-07-26 Taco John’s is taking its reputation for bold and original flavors to a new level.

Taco John's Brews Lipton Berrylicious Iced Tea

2016-06-21 With an eye on America’s shifting tastes for nonalcoholic beverages, Taco John’s is launching a series of premium drink options this summer.

Taco John's Launches New Loyalty App

2016-06-02 Loyal fans now have a new way to get the most out of their Taco John’s experience.

Taco John's Holds Third Annual Idea Summit

2016-05-25 What will the next generation of tacos look like? What flavors will Millennials and iGens crave?...

Taco John's Awards Top-Performing Restaurants

2016-05-19 The best of the best restaurants at Taco John’s are receiving special recognition for their performance during the past year.