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Tasti D-Lite, Planet Smoothie Make a “Vow”

2012-01-20 Tasti D-Lite, the great-tasting, lower-calorie frozen dessert chain that recently acquired Planet Smoothie, has partnered with “The Vow”— in theaters ...

Tasti D-Lite Prepares for Expansion in Middle East

2012-01-06 Tasti D-Lite recently announced its next phase of expansion in the Middle East.

Tasti D-Lite Acquires Planet Smoothie, Plans Cobranding

2011-12-02 Tasti D-Lite, the lower-calorie frozen dessert chain catering to health-conscious consumers, has announced the acquisition of Planet Smoothie, LLC, a ...

Tasti D-Lite Growth Strategy Focuses on Innovation

2011-10-06 Tasti D-Lite, the great-tasting, better-for-you frozen treat chain, achieved unprecedented growth in the first half of 2011.

Tasti D-Lite Will Reward Your Healthy Habits

2011-03-29 This month, frozen treat chain Tasti D-Lite launched the Tasti Healthy Habit Search, a nationwide, year-long contest to find people whose healthy habi...

How to Lose Weight the ‘Tasti’ Way

2011-02-08 Tasti D-Lite is challenging its loyal fan base to lose weight—the fun way.

Houston D-Lite: Dessert Chain Spreads Gift Card Cheer

2010-12-14 This year, Tasti D-Lite, a frozen dessert chain, decided that residents in Houston have been especially good.

Dallas, Vegas, East Coast on Tap for Tasti D-Lite

2010-07-08 Treats chain inks area development agreements for 65 more locations across the country.

Tasti D-Lite Brings in the Best of the Best New Hires

2010-05-19 The lower-calorie frozen dessert chain Tasti D-Lite recently added four industry professionals to its core leadership team.

Do You Foursquare?

2010-05-17 The new social networking site connects quick-service restaurants to current and potential diners.