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Wawa Claims April 16 as Wawa Day

2015-04-16 Wawa Inc.

New Study Finds Most Popular Chains in Four Categories

2015-03-03 A new nationwide study by Market Force Information reveals consumers’ favorite quick-service restaurant chains in four popular food categories: pizza,...

New Mobile App Rewards Wawa Customers

2015-01-23 Wawa Inc. announced today the launch of two new initiatives -- the WawaMobile App and Wawa Rewards program.

Are C-Stores Really That Much of a Threat to Fast Food?

2011-03-31 Though convenience stores have presented a rising threat of competition to quick serves over the last couple of years, new data on customer perception...

Wawa Expands Online and Mobile Ordering

2008-05-07 The new service provides customers with the ability to place their order over the Internet or through cell phone text-messaging, pre-pay, and have their payment processed automatically.