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Arby's and Wendy's Becomes Wendy's/Arby's Group, Inc.

2008-09-30 Under the agreement, Arby's shareholders will receive 4.25 shares of Triarc stock.

Wendy's, Triarc Merger Approved

2008-09-15 Stockholders/shareholders from both companies voted in favor of the $2 billion merger.

Wendy's Counters McDonald's Struggling $1 Menu

2008-09-02 As the Meatatarians take on the Dollar Menunaires, the nation waits to see which quick-serve’s double cheeseburger will survive.

Sandwiches Added to Wendy's National Value Menu

2008-08-29 Wendy's to offer Double Stack cheeseburger, Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, and Crispy Chicken Sandwich for 99 cents each.

Wendy's Replaces Yogurt with Squeezerz

2008-08-27 Nestle Nesquik will also be available at all U.S. locations.

Florida Wendy's Give Burgers for a Year

2008-08-26 In celebration of Labor Day, Central Florida Wendy's locations will give free Double Stacks for a year to the first 50 dine-in customers.

Wendy's 'Always Fresh' Claims Are Safe

2008-08-18 The National Advertising Division found that the company can support its "Always fresh, never frozen" advertising claim despite Burger King's challenge.

NAD Reviews Wendy's' Advertising Claims

2008-08-14 NAD determines advertiser can support ‘Fresh, Never Frozen’ advertising claims.

Triarc Reports Second Quarter and Six Month 2008 Results

2008-08-06 Sales increased 4.6 percent to $291.3 million for Company-owned restaurants and franchise revenues increased 4.4 percent to $42.9 million.

America's Worst Restaurants For Kids Revealed

2008-08-04 Eat This, Not That! authors grade 43 national chains; 6 receive an "F."...