industry headlines

Father's Day Frosty Weekend Raises $1.7 Million

2008-07-02 Wendy's announced more than $1.7 million was raised for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Wendy’s Father’s Day Frosty Promotion Helps Children in Foster Care

2008-05-27 The second annual Father's Day Frosty Weekend supports the cause of foster care adoption.

Wendy's Will Introduce New Frosty Shakes

2008-05-21 Unlike the traditional product, the new Frosty Shakes are topped with whipped cream and a cherry and are served with a straw.

Wendy's Picked as No. 1 Adoption Friendly Business

2008-05-01 Wendy's offers employees up to $23,300 in financial reimbursement and six weeks of paid leave per adoption.

PETA Challenges Triarc to Change Wendy's Practices

2008-04-29 PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk has written a letter to Triarc executives urging the company to move Wendy's away from using eggs from caged birds.

Triarc Companies Buys Wendy's

2008-04-25 After two failed attempts, Triarc will purchase Wendy's for $2.34 billion.

Wendy's Names Chief of North America Operations

2008-04-04 Steve Farrar will be responsible for improving restaurant operations at company and franchise restaurants beginning April 14.

Wendy's Introduces Chicken Wraps

2008-04-03 Three new chicken wraps debut on the Wendy's menu this week. Each will sell for $1.49.

Wendy's Brings Back SW Caesar Salad

2008-04-02 The Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad will be brought back as a limited-time offering during April and May.

Wendy's to Expand in Mexico

2008-03-31 Two new franchisees will build and operate more than 60 restaurants over the next seven years.