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Drive-Thru Performance Study 2012 Set to Launch

2012-04-25 Since 1998 researchers across the country have undertaken thousands of drive-thru mystery shops each year with one goal in mind: to establish how quic...

Wendy’s Adds Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Chili Cheese Fries as Sides

2012-04-24 Wendy’s has redefined side item offerings with its three new Signature Sides, now available in Wendy’s restaurants across the U.S.

Wendy's Franchisees Finding Better Applicants with HR Tech

2012-04-09 Larger Wendy's franchisees are looking for a way to raise the overall quality of applicants applying for open positions.

Wendy’s Announces International Development Plans

2012-04-09 The Wendy’s Company today announced an agreement with The Wissol Group to develop 25 restaurants in Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan over the ne...

Wendy’s Appoints Bahner to Chief Marketing Officer

2012-03-29 The Wendy’s Company today announced the appointment of Craig S.

Wendy's "Rocks The Guac" With New Sandwich

2012-03-26 Spicy chicken lovers, get ready to "rock the guac" with Wendy's new Spicy Chicken Guacamole Club! ...

Wendy’s Raises Animal Welfare Standards for Chickens, Pigs

2012-03-23 Wendy’s Animal Welfare Council today announced two major improvements to its animal welfare standards to significantly improve the humane treatment of...

Get in the Game for Wendy's High School Heisman

2012-03-14 Wendy's announced today it is accepting applications for the annual Wendy's High School Heisman Award, a program honoring outstanding high school stud...

Garfield Puts Down Lasagna for Wendy’s Global Kids’ Meals

2012-02-10 Garfield licensor Paws, Inc. and The Wendy’s Company, franchisor of Wendy’s restaurants, will kick off a two month promotion of kids’ meals.

Wendy's Staff 'Reboot': A Good Move?

2012-02-10 Wendy’s made waves last week when it announced during its fourth-quarter earnings call that it would be making service and experience improvements to ...