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Whataburger Shortens Breakfast Hours Due to Avian Flu

2015-06-03 Whataburger is informing its loyal customers it will limit the hours in which it will serve breakfast due to a national egg shortage.

WhataGames Winners Announced

2015-04-29 Following six months of intense competition among more than 770 Whataburger restaurants, Whataburger crowned its three “WhataGames” victors in a cerem...

Whataburger LTO Adds Honey Mustard to Classic Club

2015-03-30 Putting a new twist on a company classic, Whataburger's new Honey Mustard Whatachick'n Club is now available for a limited time.

Whataburger and H-E-B Introduce Kettle-Cooked Chips

2015-03-16 Giving customers a taste of the past, Whataburger and H-E-B introduces Whataburger's new Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips.

Whataburger Pancake Mix Is Now at Retail Locations

2015-03-10 Whataburger and H-E-B announced that Whataburger's Original Pancake Mix is now available at H-E-B stores.

Whataburger Offers Ketchup Portraits

2015-02-12 In honor of Whataburger's 30th anniversary of its popular Fancy Ketchup cups, Whataburger is hosting a #FancySKETCHUP event on Twitter, where Whatabur...

WhataGames Competition Moves Into Semifinals

2015-01-19 As part of Whataburger’s ongoing commitment to freshness, quality and customer service, 121 Whataburger restaurants have emerged as semifinalists in t...

Whataburger Invites Contest Winners Into Test Kitchen

2015-01-14 Whataburger fans now have a chance to win an exclusive visit to Whataburger's test kitchen where Whataburger's new sandwich creations are invented.

Whataburger Brings Back Green Chile Double Burger in TX, OK

2014-08-21 Whataburger's popular Green Chile Double Burger is back once more for a limited time in Texas and Oklahoma.

Whataburger Launches Sauces, Mayo at H-E-B

2014-08-20 Whataburger and H-E-B Grocery Stores announced that Whataburger's Signature Sauces are now available at H-E-B and Central Market stores.