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Whataburger's Green Chile Double is Back

2011-08-29 After a regional launch last year, the Green Chile Double burger is going systemwide, at all of Whataburger's 700-plus locations for a limited time.

Whataburger Fires Up Fans With Patty Melt Return

2011-07-18 If written screams were real, Whataburger corporate would be deaf by now.

Whataburger Gets Fruity This Summer

2011-06-06 Whataburger announced two new additions to its menu, the Pineapple Pie and Pineapple Shake, both available for a limited time only.

Whataburger Asks, "How Do You Like Your Burger?"

2011-05-19 Whataburger announced the results of an online survey conducted in honor of National Hamburger Month.

Whataburger Brings the Heat

2011-02-14 Whataburger is heating up February's chilly weather with its Jalapeno Week promotion.

At Long Last, Whataburger's Biggest Fans Turn Up

2010-10-06 Carol and Karl Hoepfner of Rockport, Texas, who enjoy breakfast together daily at their local Whataburger, win the chain's "Tell Us Why You're Our Biggest Fan" online contest.

With a Nod to Heritage, Whataburger Goes BBQ

2010-08-10 BBQ Cheddar Burger returns to the menu for a limited time as the chain celebrates 60th anniversary.

Whataburger Wants to Know: Who's Its Biggest Fan?

2010-08-04 "Tell Us Why You're Our Biggest Fan" online contest will reward one customer with 60 years of free Whataburger.

Whataburger Encores Popular Burger

2010-06-23 Whataburger will be serving its popular Chop House Cheddar Burger for a limited time now through August 2.

Jalapeno Week Blazes In at Whataburger

2010-01-11 Customers can add free jalapenos to their order through January 17; firefighters and police officers to eat jalapenos for charity.