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Which Wich Revamps Kids Meal with Help from Moms

2016-06-29 Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, the award-winning sandwich concept, aims to better cater to the taste buds of a new generation of fans with the launch...

Which Wich Awarded 'Best Loyalty Launch'

2016-03-30 Paytronix Systems Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, announced the fourth winner of its 2016 Paytronix...

Which Wich's Flag Your Bag Campaign Supports Troops

2015-07-08 On Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, an award-winning, national, fast-casual sandwich concept, launched its 6th annual Flag ...

Which Wich's Bacon Blitz

2015-06-08 Once avoided for its fatty (but oh-so-delicious) flavor, bacon is experiencing a renaissance, and Which Wich has joined the movement.

Which Wich Debuts New Digital Ordering Option

2015-06-08 Which Wich, the award-winning, national, fast-casual sandwich brand, today announced its partnership with Olo, the leading provider of online and mobi...

Which Wich Feeds 100,000 with Project PB&J

2015-03-31 Which Wich plans to feed 100,000 people in need by making and donating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to local organizations across the country on...

Which Wich Plans For Record-Breaking PB&J Giveaway

2015-01-13 Which Wich plans to make and donate more than 21,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to local organizations across Dallas on January 15 as part of ...

Colorado Which Wich Wins National Franchisee of the Year

2013-02-04 Colorado Wich LLC, d/b/a Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, an award-winning, national sandwich concept celebrated its recent award of Franchisee of the ...

Which Wich Launches Annual Flag Your Bag Contest

2012-06-21 Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is launching its annual Flag Your Bag promotion.

Which Wich Spreads Joy to Children’s Medical Center

2011-11-24 Which Wich brought a little Thanksgiving joy to children this week.