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White Castle Expecting 25,000 People on Valentine’s Day

2017-02-03 They come in stretch limos. Evening gowns. Tuxedos.

10 Quick-Service Restaurants Offering Veterans Day Deals

2016-11-10 Restaurants are historically welcoming to the military community, whether from a consumer or professional standpoint.

White Castle Now Offering Energy Drinks at All Locations

2016-10-31 White Castle, America's first fast-food hamburger chain, announced it is now carrying Monster Energy Drink in all White Castle locations.

Late-Night Crowds Flock to Quick-Service Restaurants

2016-10-06 For quick-service chains that are open late, customers coming in at night and in the early morning can comprise a substantial amount of overall foot t...

White Castle Marks 25 Years of Valentine's Dinners

2016-01-12 White Castle is now accepting reservations for its 25th annual Valentine's Day dinner Sunday, February 14 from 3 to 9 p.m.

NRA Names White Castle President as 2016 Show Chair

2015-11-10 The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has selected Lisa Ingram, president and COO of White Castle System Inc.

Restaurant Brands Promote Specials for Veterans

2015-11-10 On Wednesday, November 11 federal offices and many private businesses will close to honor Veterans Day.

Vegan Fare Finds Traction Among Millennials

2015-04-27 With the number of plant-based concepts like Native Foods and Veggie Grill steadily increasing, other operators are looking for ways to incorporate me...

White Castle Offers Discount For Tax Season

2015-04-14 While you can't count it as a tax deduction, White Castle is offering customers a 15-percent discount on all orders at White Castle restaurants starti...

White Castle is Taking Reservations For V Day

2015-02-13 Reservations for this year's White Castle Valentine's Day dinner are as hot as the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions Original Slider – and the limited ...