White Castle

White Castle

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Who Owns National Hamburger Month?

2009-05-08 Krystal and White Castle host dueling celebrations during the month of May.

Industry Royalty Heads in New Direction

2009-03-08 White Castle breaks 15-year-old advertising deal to go with a new agency, Zimmerman.

Winning Couple Will Say 'I Do' Over White Castle Burger Cake

2009-02-13 Rosemary Coones and Clinton Smith will celebrate their nuptials in unusual--and all expense paid--fashion tomorrow.

White Castle Replacing Iconic Packaging

2009-01-09 New packaging will be made from brown paper and recycled materials.

2008 Cravers Hall of Fame

2008-11-11 White Castle will induct the Class of 2008 on Thursday.

White Castle Launches Microsite

2008-08-12 The site was designed by Northlich and allows users to download ringtones, play games, and create their own White Castle commercials.

White Castle Opens Detroit Location

2008-06-17 White Castle opens 48th location in Detroit area.

White Castle Offers 27 Cent Burgers

2008-05-23 In celebration of its 87 anniversary, the company is rolling back prices for 87 minutes on May 27.

White Castle Wants to 'Share A Meal'

2007-03-29 The company's new bundled meals for $9.99 each will be available April 1.

Two Columbus White Castle Restaurants Open With New Look

2006-01-03 Two Columbus, Ohio-area White Castles have opened with a newly rennovated design.