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Wing Zone Pushes Little-Known National Bacon Day

2016-09-01 Often called “the gateway meat” for vegetarians, bacon has a certain allure that has earned it hundreds of menu applications and crazy iterations (thi...

Finding Flavors, Bracket Style

2015-07-28 Crowdsourcing flavors and launching new items based on a popular vote might seem a tricky venture, but in some cases the reward is worth the risk.

Wing Zone Gets Creative to Soften Blow of Climbing Costs

2013-04-08 Skyrocketing demand has caused chicken-wing prices to rise 60 percent within the last few months, forcing brands like Wing Zone to get creative in kee...

Pizza and Wings Galore: Brands Prep for Super Bowl

2013-01-30 Four million pizzas. More than 1.2 billion wings. A whopping 325.5 million gallons of beer.

Wing Zone Wants Women to Take a Skinny Dipper

2013-01-14 With many diners across the country still trying to make good on their New Year’s resolutions to stick to a healthier diet, Wing Zone is trying to cas...

Wing Zone Moves from Delivery to Drive Thru

2012-10-08 Stepping away from the foundation of your business may be dangerous, but that’s just what Wing Zone did with the opening of its brand new flagship res...

Extreme Makeover: Wing Zone Edition

2011-08-10 Wing Zone has completed a comprehensive brand make-over of its franchise operation with a total focus on flavor. Design Coup Inc.

After 18 Months of Work, Wing Zone Open in Panama

2010-12-09 For 18 months, executives at Atlanta-based Wing Zone laid groundwork for the brand’s launch into international expansion.

Wing Zone Takes Flight in Raleigh

2000-11-15 Wing Zone is expanding to North Carolina with the grand opening of a Wing Zone in Raleigh.