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    August 2010

  • After changing the recipe to its pizzas, Domino's' sales are higher than ever be
    Two years of reinvention, capped by the release of the chain’s new pizza recipe, has Domino’s at the fore of the segment—and sales are booming.
    Generation Y, the Millennial generation, is coming on strong, and restaurants ar
    You probably know one. They’re young, motivated, mobile, and ready to spend money.
    Fred DeLuca decided when he was just 17 years old that he wanted to launch a san
    Subway president Fred DeLuca started his sandwich chain 45 years ago and now opens new restaurants at the pace of one every eight hours. What does he know that you don’t?
    Refocused strategy and energy are important to the revival of struggling quick-s
    Refocused strategy and energy are key to reviving a faltering quick serve.
    You probably know one. They’re young, motivated, mobile, and ready to spend money.
    According to design firm CEO Mike Brady, restaurants should make sure that the i
    The burger chain decided to make all its locations identical, but design firm CEO Mike Brady says that’s an out-dated strategy. Today’s consumers don’t want a cookie-cutter feel.
    Blister packs of ketchup and mustard shouldn’t be the only condiment options at
    Despite the industry's endless upgrades, chains are still holding onto the outdated, and unoriginal, blister pack. There's a world of flavor out there, why not take advantage of it?
    Values and morals have proven important to those in leadership positions in the
    Building a culture of positive values and morals may not sound like a business essential, but the stability it creates with employees will trickle down to your customers.
    Restaurant executives find that incorporating creativity on the job tends to hel
    Creativity is usually the trait that gets an executive his position, but making it a priority on the job is what keeps him there.
    Training classes at brands like NexCen help franchisees and support staff get to
    Fast food concepts and vendors are establishing training centers that take potential franchisees and users back to school.
    The iPad provides the restaurant industry with new ideas for incorporating more
    The hot new tech gadget has many quick-service insiders exploring its potential uses, from marketing to point-of-sale solutions.
    Jason's Deli's success has been built on its culture, CEO Joe Tortorice says.
    The secret to Jason’s Deli’s success is its positive, family focused culture, says the company’s CEO Joe Tortorice.
    The newest generation of food trucks should serve as a blueprint to quick-serve marketers on how they can attract customers.
    George Green tells you the difference between can and can’t thinkers. Which is your crew?
    History, Black & white photo of Willard Scott as the first Ronald McDonald.
    What do you do when you know you’re sitting on a goldmine? Roy recounts such times from his days with McDonald’s.
    Cheeseburger Bobby’s burger
    The founders of Cheeseburger Bobby’s know consumers have a lot of choices, so they are always searching for ways to stand out from the crowd. The Build Your Own Burger Bar is one of those ways.
    Customers like having their way, and having multiple sauce options for them to c
    Customers have been trained that they can have it their way. The secret weapon to answer their demands? Sauces.
    Chilorio’s Very Mexican considers its salsa bar a staple of its concept.
    Founder Diego Cortes used his mother’s cooking inspiration for his Mexican concept.
    Online marketing management solutions benefit both a brand and its operators.
    Web-based marketing solutions let companies control their brand and messaging, while helping local stores tailor their own campaigns.
    Evos offers typical fast-food fare minus the high calorie count.
    The healthier fast-food option offers a guilt-free version of a burger, shake, and fries.