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    October 2010

  • Some casual-dining chains are offering quick-serve prototypes in an attempt capt
    In search of innovation, some restaurant brands are turning to a model that mixes limited service and full service.
    A range of microbrews and burgers are available at the Blazing Onion chain.
    All three Blazing Onion locations serve local beers and wines from the Northwest to give customers a local flavor.
    Freebirds World Burrito offers burritos, nachos, and tacos, as well as an assort
    While Freebirds is quick service, each location has at least one and sometimes as many as three employees who work the dining room.
    Quick serves using social media tools like Facebook or Twitter must be careful w
    Leveraging social media networks to your advantage relies heavily on saying and doing the right things.
    Quick serves face growing competition from grocery stores and supermarkets that
    Are you losing business to the grocery store down the street? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.
    Most quick serves don’t understand that building loyalty takes more than handing out punch cards and promotions.
    For this operator, there’s no doubt: Only one segment shows the most promise, and he’ll tell you why.
    Ludo Lefebvre's LudoTruck sells gastronomic food on the streets of Los Angeles.
    Top Chef Masters star Ludo Lefebvre’s new food truck is proof that mobile food concepts are catching up quickly to traditional quick serves.
    A selection of wines can accompany Nanoosh's Greek-inspired dishes.
    The hummus at the heart of the Nanoosh menu is made fresh without preservatives every day in house from organic chickpeas imported from Turkey.
    By enforcing a thorough cleaning plan, quick-serve operators can avoid food safe
    By keeping staff responsible for cleanliness and sanitation, operators can avoid costly food safety mistakes.
    Beer and wine choices at quick serves are high in demand from consumers, and the
    What could your brand do with beer and wine? Consumers may finally be ready to answer that question for you.
    Operators opening a second location might want to add a drive thru to expand the
    Opening a location with a drive thru presents a new set of challenges. Architecture expert John Miologos helps you open your new window of opportunity.
    Coke's senior marketing manager James Lattimore says operators are missing out o
    Coke’s senior marketing manager, James Latimore, shares secrets for capturing the 13 billion servings you’re missing each year in off-premise beverage sales.
    Saladworks manages its long lines and maintains speed by keeping the maximum num
    The fast food industry is based on the principles of quality food served fast. So speed of service should never be axed in the streamlining process.
    In order to assure the brand gets back on the right path, a chief executive must
    As a chain goes through bankruptcy, it’s the CEO who is tasked with stabilizing and growing the brand.
    Quick serve operations can add new beverage options to their menus with craft br
    Craft beers help national restaurants give their menus a local feel.
    Though solar power can help quick serves save energy, rolling them out to stores
    Plenty of quick serves are jumping on the green bandwagon, but when it comes to the implementation of solar power, they may want to think twice.
    Two smaller sized menu options for the price of one is a marketing tactic used b
    In an effort to encourage consumers to experiment with their menu, more quick serves have added a Choose Two menu option.
    The Marriott Bistro is a move by the hotel company to give travelers more option
    Marriott execs were tired of watching dining dollars walk out the front door, so they built their own fast casual.