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    November 2010

  • Snack items like frico offer a strong take home snack option for fast food custo
    If quick serves offer customized snacks at the counter that consumers can take home, the grocery brands may be in for big competition.
    Different potato varieties and dips can boost french fries offerings.
    Restaurants use different varieties, seasonings, and dips to spice up potato sales.
    Multiunit franchisees have the job of keeping the gears of a brand turning.
    A great brand depends on strong multiunit franchisees. See how some of the nation’s best are tackling their challenges.
    Quick serve lawsuits from the last decade provide insight on a proper franchisee
    Reflecting on a decade of franchisee-franchisor litigation provides important insight. What can you learn?
    Kevin West, Tim Hortons' director of coffee operations
    Rival franchises and price increases won’t deter a loyal customer, says Kevin West, director of coffee operations for Tim Hortons. But it’s up to the company to brand that loyalty.
    Franchisors must provide strong local store marketing tools to ensure franchisee
    It's the franchisor's responsibility to equip franchisees with the appropriate local marketing tools.
    The iPad and other technology tools can create problematic multitasking habits f
    While gadgets like the iPad and iPhone can be effective communication tools, experts say the multitasking habits they create can be harmful. 
    Doc Popcorn offers nine varieties of popcorn.
    The popcorn chain already has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas, and the owner would like to see at least 100 locations open in 2011.
    Didoughs Twisted Pretzel Company offers fresh pretzels and pretzel sandwiches.
    The best seller is a traditional butter-and-salt pretzel, which outsells the other flavors eight to one. Other seasonings include sour cream and onion, cinnamon sugar, and garlic.
    Operators opening a second unit must start over when negotiating a lease.
    Negotiating a lease for a second location is like planning for a second marriage: The ground rules are similar, but you’re still starting all over. Attorney Randall Airst offers some tips to help protect your interests.
    Pricing is not about one number. By determining your worth and building value perception around that, your pricing strategy can strengthen brand perception and differentiation.
    Some operators are adopting cooperative restaurant models.
    With the traditional franchise model struggling in the recession, some business people are finding that co-operative efforts are more rewarding.
    The world of credit card processing can be a headache for restaurant operators.
    The world of credit and debit card processing is a complex one, but operators can save money and headaches if they patiently sort through it.
    Getting customers through a restaurant efficiently is crucial in a down economy.
    With sales down due to the recession, having an efficient throughput model is critical to retaining and even building business.
    It’s time the industry gets the credit it deserves. Employing nearly 13 million people is something to be proud of.