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    December 2010

  • There is a fine line between terrific and terrible cheap restaurant marketing ef
    When it comes to marketing on a budget, there’s a fine line between terrific and terrible.
    Charlie Morrison went from interim to full-time executive at Pizza Inn.
    Many quick-serve companies are turning to interim executives for change and growth. But is temporary leadership a permanent fix?
    Chicken on a stick can expand a concept’s menu offerings.
    A healthy, portable, multiethnic alternative to fried chicken is simple.
    Breakfast proteins like chicken and turkey are showing up on quick serve menus.
    Brands across the country see success in adding chicken and turkey to breakfast menus.
    Seventy-three stories shaped the restaurant industry in 2010.
    It’s been a heck of a year, from Burger King’s buyout to BP’s oil spill. We deliver the stories that rocked our industry.
    Breakfast items at fast casuals can grow business effectively.
    Don't be scared to challenge big quick serves with morning meals.
    Fried chicken still dominates the menu at Golden Chick.
    After five decades, chicken chain is still flying high with fried chicken in Texas and Oklahoma, and soon in China.
    Companies looking for improvement in 2011 should work on communication.
    Communication, honesty, and partnership are critical attributes for quick-serve professionals, especially in these times.
    Restaurants can benefit operationally and financially through workplace safety p
    Companies can’t afford to take workplace safety lightly. In fact, a strategic approach to making the workplace safer for employees can result in operational and cost benefits for a business.
    With the workforce improving, employers should keep a tight grip on their crew.
    The economy is slowly getting stronger, and more of the workforce is looking for new jobs. Make sure your crew sticks with you.
    Even in a down economy, consumers expect quick serves to support a cause.
    Consumers expect foodservice businesses to take a stand and support a cause—even if business is hurting.
    Fritzi Woods is educating the industry about securing both male and female talen
    Fritzi Woods, president of the Women’s Foodservice Forum, tackles the male-dominated foodservice industry by educating both men and women of the benefits of securing top talent—no matter their gender.
    Grilled chicken dishes are the core of the menu at Ranch One.
    Kahala concept hopes its grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, and wraps will drive it to the top of the chicken-segment heap.
    Operators should double their social media efforts when opening a second unit.
    Jennifer Loeffel, president of Internet marketing firm New Media Socialite, explains how an operator can maximize his social media presence when he opens his second store.
    Restaurants can’t afford to undermine their brand image with poor service.
    If quick serves don’t focus on being the highlight of their customer’s day, they’re at risk of undermining their brand image.