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    January 2011

  • Disagreement among executives can be good for a business.
    While it may make for some awkward meetings, experts agree that a little bit of disagreement in the c-suite could be a good thing.
    Subway offers a healthy alternative for kid customers.
    Everyone from mom and dad to the White House is watching what kids eat these days. Here are the trends that will be shaping your kids' menus.
    Critics and customers each have opinions about what the right portion size is
    Fast food customers love big portion sizes, but with nutrition and obesity under more public scrutiny, quick serves are left to decide whether to listen to their customers or to their critics.
    Forty markets around the U.S. are best for quick-serve expansion.
    The top 40 American markets—big and small—that are best for quick-service expansion.
    Facebook ordering platforms take quick-serve food to the online masses.
    A growing number of quick serves are using the power and influence of social media to revolutionize online ordering.
    Expanding fast food companies have several real estate options to choose from.
    Now that expansion is back on the radar for many quick serves, navigating the post-recession real estate market will take some finesse.
    Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity and should soon affect quick serves.
    Electric vehicles are becoming more available and affordable, and quick serves should take note of how these vehicles will benefit business.
    Roy Bergold says Facebook has changed traditional methods of advertising.
    Roy Bergold takes a look at how social media tools have changed the world of quick-serve advertising.
    George Green thinks fast casuals will be effected by economic changes.
    This is the time for New Year’s predictions, so here are a couple of trends and events that will impact the fast-casual segment this year.
    Knowing building and permitting details can help speed up construction time.
    You can’t afford to delay a store opening for very long. By knowing ahead of time the permits and processes you’ll need to open your doors, you can streamline the build-out process.
    Ken Switzer is Marco’s Pizza’s CFO and developed Marco’s Assurance.
    Ken Switzer, CFO of Marco’s Pizza, didn’t let the frozen credit market stop his company from expanding its development portfolio to 1,200 new stores. He shares what your brand’s best options are for financing.
    Marc Halperin suggests ethnic foods as innovative kids options.
    Why the old strategy just isn’t going to cut it with today’s youngest diners.
    Shane’s Rib Shack offers several barbecue and rib menu options.
    Shane Thompson started with little more than an idea and his grandfather’s secret sauce recipe.
    Local high school students are the next generation of consumers.
    Four tips from a Bojangles’ franchisee on how to reach new customers and turn them into
    passionate brand ambassadors.
    Denise Lee Yohn has a list of New Years resolutions for brands in 2011.
    This year should be the year brands get on track with consumer research and restaurant image improvements.