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    July 2015

  • Young QSR diners look for more premium and bold flavors like high quality seafood dishes.
    How seafood could help chains win over a new generation of diners.
    QSR brands release high tech signage and menu boards to illustrate nutritional information.
    The food industry is changing—and so must your signage.
    QSR brands must adapt new technology tools to improve business potential.
    Three trends that will come to define the industry.
    QSR seafood brands
    Seafood gives operators a versatile protein that has a sustainable, healthful halo.
    Starbucks’ “Race Together” initiative may have flopped, but the conversation around diversity isn’t going away.
    Jason Henderson / Vice President of product innovation, Captain D’s
    QSR sandwich chain executive talks inspiration to buy company.
    For the Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop CEO, being a franchisee wasn't enough to fulfill his love for the brand.
    QSR restaurant concepts streamline unit design to better manage customer traffic.
    When properly used, zone merchandising makes every second count.
    QSR operators work to make higher wages effective in restaurant operation.
    How three brands are getting ahead of minimum wage increases.
    QSR brands find equity finance partners to fund future growth.
    Operators seek a shared vision when selecting the right private equity partner.
    QSR brands launch new delivery programs to expand business opportunities.
    Delivery services are springing up around the country, giving operators a new sales channel—if it’s right for their brand.
    Health and nutrition fast casual innovates menu items for diet seekers.
    Former McDonald’s execs serve up better-for-you fare—just don’t call it “health food.”
    Start up technology entrepreneurs use disruption method to change restaurant industry.
    Technology veterans are all about disruption. Now many tech players are turning their attention to the restaurant industry.
    QSR franchisee uses tips from government work to turn restaurants around.
    Federal agent-turned-franchisee Audra de Vera says treating the business like an open-case file can lead to future success.
    AOL founder and investor Steve Case bets on upstart fast casuals like Sweetgreen.
    The cofounder and former CEO of AOL talks about the food-tech crossover and how innovators are changing the industry for the better.
    QSR brands launch literacy programs to help young customers learn reading skills.
    Literacy programs bolster business and foster positive outcomes for future generations of quick-service customers.
    QSR restaurant concepts can leverage data to improve business sustainability.
    A democracy of data for the quick-service restaurant industry.