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    August 2015

  • QSR brands innovate with healthy and nutritious fats to improve menu.
    Opportunities abound to innovate with novel, healthier oils and other “good” fats.
    Top chefs open new QSR concepts to expand restaurant business portfolio.
    Quick service is seeing an influx of classically trained chefs opening concepts. We asked the newcomers for their take on the industry and where it goes from here.
    QSR brands develop new menus with healthier protein options for diet crowd.
    Lean protein options expand as more consumers seek high-quality, energy-sustaining calories.
    Celebrity TV chef shares how restaurants can use healthy oils and fats for food.
    Food Network personality and chef Emily Ellyn dishes on how healthier oils can do wonders for a menu.
    QSR brands use low fat ingredients like healthy cooking oils to improve menu nutrition.
    Good fats help promote health while providing tastes chefs want.
    QSR sandwich brand Firehouse Subs employs artist to work on store murals.
    Artist Joe Puskas has helped Firehouse Subs stand out with innovative murals at every franchise.
    QSR brand Corner Bakery one of original fast casual leaders in growing restaurant industry.
    It may not have cracked the QSR 50 this year, but Corner Bakery’s ambitious growth plan should have it there in no time.
    Progressive DC QSR pizza chain designs unique restaurants and menu items.
    Premium ingredients and distinctive flavor profiles create a progressive pie at this D.C. eatery.
    QSR brands hiring new immigrant employees must legally protect jobs.
    Hiring immigrant workers can improve the operation and encourage workplace diversity, but operators must understand the legal and cultural nuances.
    QSR better burger leader Culvers thrives on customer service and family environment.
    How Culver’s matured from regional player to national brand and captured $1 billion in sales.
    QSR brands partner with equity firms to finance restaurant unit growth.
    Managing private equity partnerships over time requires engagement, shared expectations.
    QSR brands can build business and improve restaurant experience with these tips.
    How you can rise above good customer service and offer a compelling customer experience.
    California QSR franchisee invests in employees for strong job growth and promotion.
    Having climbed the ranks from janitor to multiunit franchisee, Farouk Diab knows that the best way to lead employees is by example.
    QSR leader Chickfila a big success through good food and great hospitality.
    Chick-fil-A continues to dazzle on the QSR 50, proving that constant change isn’t always a winning formula.
    Chef-founded fast casual offers a new take on the better-burger field.
    QSR operators move operations systems to cloud based technology.
    Debunking the four myths that many believe about a cloud-based system.
    QSR brands grow business through franchise and corporate owned stores.
    It’s an age-old question: Should your brand grow through franchised or company-owned units? For many, the answer isn’t so black and white.