Limited-service design planned around consumer psychology.

    At first glance, a nonprofit subdivision developer and a sandwich restaurant seem a far-fetched choice for partnership—ham and cheese and mortgages have seemingly little in common.

    Healthy Dining Finder's new mobile site allows users to eat healthy.
    Brands’ mobile games build customer sales, loyalty.

    Blimpie to Celebrate 52nd Birthday with Deal

    To celebrate Blimpie's 52nd birthday, stores nationwide will serve big flavor at 1960s prices on April 4. The first 100 customers who head to any Blimpie location on April 4 will...

    Blimpie Features Meat-Heavy 'Blimp' LTO

    Blimpie introduced its newest, biggest premium sub, which features generous portions of turkey, roast beef, salami, pepperoni, and proscuittini dressed with provolone, pickles, onion, mayo with oil,...

    Blimpie Celebrates 50 with Hoboken Hero

    Blimpie continues its 50th birthday celebration with the roll out of the Hoboken Hero, a savory Italian sub sandwich packed with pepperoni, salami, prosciuttini, and provolone. The sub is a...

    Mind Over Matter

    From the colors used to the music played, environmental quirks in limited-service design today are planned around consumer psychology to create an experience that employs more senses than taste.

    Healthy Dining Finder Goes Mobile

    As the restaurant industry adapts to smartphones and other mobile technology to meet the needs of on-the-go consumers, one company is making it easier to digitally wade through endless dining options...

    Game Time

    Brands’ mobile games build customer sales, loyalty.

    The Bloomberg Precedent

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is transforming the state of food regulations—for better or worse.

    A Time to Innovate

    Lenten season offers quick serves opportunity to test new dishes with customers.

    Land O'Frost Partners with Blimpie

    Land O'Frost, the nation's largest family-owned packaged lunch meat company, has announced a national partnership with Blimpie, to offer the restaurant chain's signature meats in its...