Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes

    As limited-service restaurants face increasing competition from the exploding meal-delivery market, more chains are jumping into the fray and launching meal subscription plans of their own.

    Almost everyone could benefit from a reduction in sodium intake, though it isn’t high on the list of concerns for most consumers when they dine out.

    Plant-based eating is gaining traction among the 98 percent of Americans who don’t identify as vegans but are attracted to the cuisine’s health and environmental benefits—not to mention its cool fa

    There are two approaches to healthy menus. Here's the case for each.

    What Healthy Really Means

    In matters of health, the limited-service industry can’t afford to sit back. But “healthy” doesn’t quite mean what it used to.

    Boardwalk Opens 4th Unit in Calgary

    Development continues for Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes as it opens is fourth location in Calgary on 8th Street SW in Airdrie, Alberta.This expansion continues Boardwalk’s Master...

    The Health Paradox

    Customers say they want healthy, but think healthy is synonymous with tasteless. What is an operator to do?