Cava Grill

    Cava Grill has the go-ahead to pursue growth across the country.

    It’s not a surprise to anyone in the foodservice industry that restaurants’ nonalcoholic beverage purchases are declining. They’ve been doing that for years.

    If a recent spate of large-scale investments is any indication, the new crop of Fast Casual 2.0 restaurants—with their chef-driven menus and next-level ingredients—is piquing the interests of priva

    Bowls have long served Americans as a way to dine on some everyday foods, notably soups, salads, breakfast cereal, and desserts.

    Cava Grill Launches New App

    CAVA, the rapidly expanding fast casual Mediterranean restaurant brand, announced the launch of its new app as the latest step in their use of technology to create personalized experiences for their...

    Going Bowling

    Customization and convenience are key to the growth of bowl options.

    The New Purchasing Power

    When it comes to sourcing, large chains still hold most of the cards. But emerging concepts and consumer demands are shaking up the old system.

    The Capital Collection

    Washington, D.C., has become a hotbed for Fast Casual 2.0 innovation. Take a tour of the city’s top concepts to find out what makes them tick.