Before this summer, Sunday was a slow day at Freebirds World Burrito—so much so that the team behind the Austin, Texas–based concept began brainstorming ways to inject it with some fresh energy.

    Does the future of fast casual lie in alcohol?
    Recognizing the brands taking the extra steps for health.

    Freebirds Launches Food Truck

    Freebirds is thrilled to announce the launch of its official food truck concept this spring to make ordering on the go, one step easier.

    Buying into Booze

    Fast-casual restaurants were once able to claim premium food, modern décor, and all-around upscale service as hallmarks of their category.

    The Extra Mile

    There’s been no shortage of foodservice professionals who are striving to do right by their customers in the health department.

    Freebirds Proves Burritos Really Can Be Healthy

    FREEBIRDS World Burrito, the fast-casual burrito joint with the rock ‘n’ roll attitude, has announced Carpe 500, a movement to motivate guests to eat healthy without compromising taste in the New Y