The Pizza Studio

    For many quick-service operators, year-end is budget season. But developing meaningful numbers for the next year requires a methodical approach.

    William Simpson is banking on fast-casual pizza.

    The best large, medium, and small markets for unit expansion.
    Fast-casual pizza brands vie for the top spot in this emerging categor

    Pizza Studio to Open in Phoenix

    Los Angeles-based fast-casual Pizza Studio will expand into Phoenix after signing a multiunit development agreement for 20 new locations in the Phoenix area over the next five years. The first...

    The Growth 40

    The best large, medium, and small markets for your unit expansion.

    Pizza Studio Debuts in Mall of America

    Lloyd Sugarman, the original and largest Johnny Rockets’ franchisee, will open his first Pizza Studio location at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, on January 20. The Mall of...

    The Pizza Studio Expands to San Diego County

    Los Angeles–based fast-casual restaurant, The Pizza Studio, will expand into San Diego County after signing a multi-unit development agreement for 20 new locations with veteran restaurant...

    Pizza Studio to Make Midwest Debut

    Los Angeles-based fast-casual restaurant chain, The Pizza Studio, announced the signing of a multi-unit franchise agreement with PS Midwest Development, a BRICK Restaurant Group managed company.

    Pizza’s Arms Race

    Long dominated by delivery and takeout players, the pizza industry is in the midst of a fast-casual revolution. And everyone wants to be the Chipotle of pizza.