Chain: Project Juice

Project Juice Brings Back Watermelon Berry for Summer

Project Juice brings back the iconic Watermelon Berry blend for summer, this year adding its first Watermelon Berry bowl, available in-store now. Beat the heat and get creative with this delicious blend of nutritious seasonal produce, boasting the best of summer fruit harvest. Watermelon Berry bursts with as many health benefits as refreshing flavors, thanks […]

Project Juice Brings its Smoothie/Bowl Bar to Home Kitchens

After a successful 2017, Project Juice, the San Francisco-based plant-powered food and beverage company with retail locations in Northern and Southern California, is proud to announce a new way for customers across the country to experience the company’s award-winning smoothie bar creations in the comfort of their own home. Introducing Sub-Zero Superfoods, a line of […]

Project Juice Introduces Vegan Superfood Waffles

Project Juice, the certified organic clean foods and cold-pressed juice company, has added vegan and gluten-free Paleo Protein Waffles to its menu at select Project Juice locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laguna Beach and San Diego, California, available now. Keeping with the company’s continual pursuit to make people feel awesome through convenient, plant-powered, […]

Project Juice to Open East Bay Location Saturday

Project Juice, the Bay Area’s leading organic clean food and beverage company, announced the official opening day of its newest location will be Saturday, landing the company in the East Bay for the first time. The 680-square-foot space is situated in the new Jamestown Properties development at 1911 Fourth Street in Berkeley, and will be […]

Project Juice’s Latest Blend Perfects Ugly Produce

Project Juice, California’s esteemed organic cold-pressed juice and clean eating company, proudly aims to change public perception surrounding an emerging food category—ugly produce—through the launch of its new seasonal blend for spring: Ugly and Awesome. So-called ugly produce is imperfect in only one way—cosmetically. Fruits and vegetables that have unusual shapes, colors, or sizes are […]

Project Juice Unveils Most Nutritionally Dense Juice Yet

Project Juice, the fast-growing, certified organic cold-pressed juice and clean food company, is launching its most nutrient dense seasonal cold-pressed juice to-date for winter—Winter Detox—developed by chief of development and head chef, Sascha Weiss. With low fruit and vegetable sugar levels, the 100 percent organic, non-GMO Winter Detox juice combines burdock root and dandelion greens, […]

Project Juice Launches Seasonal Chef-Driven Menu

Project Juice, the fast-growing, certified organic cold-pressed juice and clean food company, announced the launch of its newest seasonal menu for fall, curated for the first time by newly appointed head chef and director of product development, Sascha Weiss, a veteran chef and plant-based food expert. Formerly the personal chef to George Lucas and his […]

Project Juice Names Jamba Veteran Its First CEO

On the heels of a remarkably successful 2015, Project Juice, a certified organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed juice and clean food company, welcomed 2016 with the appointment of its first-ever chief executive officer: Susan Shields, a veteran of the food and beverage industry. With more than 25 years in the retail and foodservice marketing and business management […]