Measuring the success of social media engagement for a quick-service brand often depends on an operator’s goals.

    Enter a Souplantation in New Mexico and you might be enticed to try a bowl of Posole Soup, a Southwestern concoction made with pork, chilies, and tomatoes.

    What do Bic underwear, Harley-Davidson wine coolers, and Jamba Juice soup have in common? They’re all ways companies have tried to extend their brands—and they all failed.

    Souplantation offers new Express prototype.

    Big Plans for Pint-Size Unit

    Known for its buffet offering of salads and soups within large dining rooms, Souplantation is opening an Express prototype of its concept that the company hopes can deliver the brand to new markets

    2010 Chef Survey

    While the old adage says there’s nothing new under the sun, the new decade brings fresh takes on traditional menu items while ethnic, vegan, and local ingredients make farther inroads into the quic