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    Beerhead Bar & Eatery

  • Craft is King: Beerhead Bar & Eatery expands amid national beer craze

    In a market where everything “craft” is becoming uber cool, Beerhead Bar & Eatery is leading the way and poised for growth. The Brewer’s Association reports that the U.S. beer market makes up $101.5 billion of the alcoholic beverage industry, while craft beer is expected to reach up to 20 percent of the beer market share by 2020. Craft spirits, another Beerhead staple, are also growing by at an accelerated rate.

    With such a robust beer and spirits market, it makes sense that a refined craft beer bar and eatery concept that pairs an inviting, open setting with an expansive but curated menu would be successful. Launched only six years ago, Beerhead offers a fully developed model that pairs what president and co-founder Greg Goodrich calls a “simple, yet tasty” food menu with an expansive and ever-changing beverage selection. This truly unique set of beer offerings makes Beerhead a haven for beer gurus and novices alike. It also makes Beerhead an exciting and fun opportunity to prospective franchisees.

    “In-house brewery concepts offer small samplings of craft beer styles available to their guests, but Beerhead offers guests over 500 different beer and spirit selections from local, regional, and nationally distributed craft breweries and distilleries,” Goodrich says. “Beyond that, we developed a well-planned and inviting atmosphere with community table areas, live acoustic music, unique décor, lighting, and other environmental aspects that make the entire guest experience something to keep coming back for to enjoy.”

    Featuring an open-air design that averages approximately 3,500 square feet, Beerhead creates an intimate, hip, welcoming atmosphere. The communal tables and live acoustic music contribute to this lively but comfortable ambiance that appeals to a wide range of guests, including foodies, “hipsters,” and casual drinkers. The largest concentration of guests are between the ages of 25 to 55, with over 40 percent of all guests being female, lending to a diverse and expansive customer base. 

    The rigorous training that all Beerhead staff receives is another big draw for the brand, since it ensures that guests will be served by well-educated wait staff. The chain’s Beer “U” staff training, offers three days of classroom instruction, including tastings and a comprehensive final exam that educates Beerhead staff in the finer points of craft beer. The intensity of the program is the equivalent of a level-one Cicerone certification, which is an industry standard starting point for beer experts. Beerhead custom tailors Beer “U” classes for guests as well, always seeking ways to make each guest visit an experience.

    Franchisees often wonder whether they need to be beer experts to join the Beerhead team. The founders themselves had limited beer knowledge when creating the Beerhead concept, but enjoy learning more each day as they manage their Beerhead locations.

    “You don’t have to be a master,” Goodrich says, noting that he and chairman and co-founder Pat D’Onofrio grew to learn about and love the beer industry through their work. “A business-minded person can do well, so we are looking for someone who has an interest in being his or her own boss and who has passion.”

    This training is supplemented with ongoing education, brewery tours, beer outings, and expertise from resident beer pros that keep staff and franchisees up to date on what is new in the beer world. Franchisees also receive support throughout the process of opening a Beerhead location, including site support, construction, marketing, and steady-state operational support. 

    Beerhead is focused on growing in the Midwestern U.S., though opportunities are available as far east as New York and Pennsylvania. Multi-unit opportunities are also available in other territories.

    In a market where craft beer is leading the beverage industry and continues growing, Beerhead Bar & Eatery offers a truly unique drinking and dining experience that promises a profitable portfolio option for beer lovers and business leaders alike.

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