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    Billy Sims Barbecue

  • Get Into the Barbecue Game: Billy Sims Barbecue provides an exciting, low-cost franchise opportunity

    Delicious, traditional-smoked barbecue is no longer limited to full-service restaurants. Billy Sims Barbecue brings savory, fresh meat to quick service with an entertaining flare. Every location features a smoker on site that is either visible front of house or located back of house with showcasing windows. This both draws customer’s attention and highlights the freshness of the restaurant’s fare. Consumers then see their freshly smoked meats prepared to their liking. 

    “When you order your item, you see it being built right in front of you,” says Ryan Gray, director of operations for Billy Sims Barbecue. “You can see the meats being sliced and see the cutting skills of our pit bosses, so it’s definitely a unique concept.”

    Another big attraction is the brand recognition that co-founder Billy Sims’s name offers. In 2004, the football star and 1978 Heisman Trophy winner launched the brand with Jeff Jackson, CEO of Billy Sims Barbecue.

    “Jeff was working in the sports marketing industry when he first met Billy [Sims],” Gray says. “They struck up a friendship, and Jeff saw the work ethic behind Billy. Together they came up with the concept of Billy Sims Barbecue.”

    From a single 1,000-square-foot store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the 57 locations the brand has opened today, Billy Sims Barbecue continues to grow steadily throughout the Southwestern U.S. Now the company is ready to “take the concept coast to coast,” Gray says.

    “Though barbecue preferences can vary by region, our proprietary barbecue sauce and seasonings appeal to a wide-variety of interests,” Gray says. “We can offer this brand nation-wide.” 

    Billy Sims Barbecue offers freestanding and in-line locations measuring between 1,800 and 2,200 square feet, which makes leasing options rent-efficient. In addition, the chain operates with limited staff and labor, further cutting expenses for franchisees.

    “Compared to full-service restaurants, a Billy Sims Barbecue restaurant is very economical with a low start-up cost and a fast return on investment,” says Gray, who, in addition to managing corporate operations, also owns and operates five locations. “As both a corporate officer and franchisee, I have a unique insight as to how our actions and decisions at the corporate office affect our franchisees in the market place.” 

    Gray is not the only individual who maintains a separate career along with owning a Billy Sims Barbecue restaurant. The brand consists of doctors, executives, real-estate investors, and IT specialists, all of whom find it easy to operate their franchises due to the streamlined processes and protocols Billy Sims Barbecue has established.

    While the company is looking for franchisees with sufficient financial backing, restaurant experience or business ownership experience is important to Billy Sims Barbecue when selecting potential franchisees. Franchisees receive four to six weeks of training, as well as pre- and post-opening training and support. Seminars are also held throughout the year, and coaching and training are provided on an ongoing basis.

    Because the brand is just beginning its national expansion, major territories are still available, making now a great time for franchisees to get involved with Billy Sims Barbecue.

    “It’s ideal to get in with any growing concept during its initial growth phases,” Gray says. “You can get into lucrative open territories before they are reserved. Unlike the pizza and hamburger segments, there are not a lot of barbecue concepts operating in the quick-service realm. Now is an excellent time for interested parties to explore the barbecue industry.”

    For franchisees who want an economically-efficient option to diversify their portfolios, Billy Sims Barbecue provides a unique opportunity to grow in a low-competition category with tremendous support. 

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