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    The Growth 40

  • A Closer Look: The following data is from American Express Business Insights. According to the company's experts, each quick serve will watch different factors to decide whether expansion into an area is right. But negative numbers don't always tell the full story. For example, if a city posts a declining transaction size but its number of real transactions is up, it may be a good place for operators to expand, if their concepts rely on high traffic and low ticket averages.

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    RankingMetropolitan AreaPopulation Change (2000-10)Change in Spend (2000-10)Change in # Transactions (2000-10)Change in Avg. Transaction Size (2000-10)sort descendingScore
    3Portland, OR298,12828%19%7%38
    2Seattle, WA395,93134%28%5%29
    17Cleveland, OH-70,90323%17%5%83
    5Austin, TX466,52619%16%3%54
    1Orlando, FL489,85023%20%2%28
    23Richmond, VA161,29417%15%2%90
    10Denver, CO364,24219%17%2%62
    26Birmingham, AL75,80918%16%2%91
    12San Francisco, CA211,65122%21%1%63
    22Nashville, TN278,14516%15%1%89
    28Houston, TX1,231,39315%14%1%96
    4Riverside, CA970,03019%18%1%45
    30Rochester, NY16,49219%17%1%96
    7Washington, DC785,98719%18%1%56
    19San Antonio, TX430,80516%16%0%84
    20Salt Lake City, UT155,33917%17%0%84
    11Boston, MA161,05823%23%0%63
    16Los Angeles, CA463,21019%19%0%82
    6Las Vegas, NV575,50418%18%0%55
    13Sacramento, CA352,27018%18%0%67
    8Miami, FL557,07122%21%0%57
    15Detroit, MI-156,30722%22%0%80
    14San Jose, CA101,09219%19%0%75
    38Virginia Beach, VA95,31314%16%-1%129
    36St. Louis, MO114,20916%17%-1%118
    32Chicago, IL362,78916%18%-1%107
    40Kansas City, MO-KS199,29614%15%-1%130
    24Pittsburgh, PA-74,80220%21%-1%91
    9Minneapolis, MN311,02725%26%-1%57
    27San Diego, CA281,48016%18%-1%95
    35Atlanta, GA1,020,87914%16%-2%117
    39New Orleans, LA-148,74616%18%-2%129
    34Memphis, TN110,89615%18%-2%116
    25Jacksonville, FL222,84616%18%-2%91
    18Baltimore, MD157,49520%22%-2%84
    21Raleigh, NC333,41915%18%-2%87
    33Columbus, OH223,84215%18%-3%114
    31New York, NY574,10719%24%-4%105
    29Charlotte, NC427,59015%20%-4%96
    37Providence, RI17,85516%23%-5%124

    Methodology: The Growth 40 cities are ranked based on a cumulative score. That cumulative score is made up of population rank, spending rank, number of transactions rank, and average transaction size rank. Population data is based on the 2010 U.S. Census. Spending, number of transactions, and average transaction size data were provided by American Express Business Insights. Ties in the cumulative scores were decided based on raw population data, with the larger metro ranking higher.

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