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How Eggs Are Processed

Ever wonder how eggs are processed? Take a quick peek behind the scenes in this video brought to you by the American Egg Board.


This was an interesting little video, but I think the American Egg Board should be focused on the public's perceptions of "the problem with eggs."Namely, that is the hen house. Interesting that this video shows an egg farmer, but we don't see "the farm," which we would think of as the hen house.There has been a lot of negative publicity around animal treatment and sanitation at egg farms. I hope this this video clip was not released in the hopes of countering that negative publicity; if it was, I'd call it a total "fly-by!" If it was not, then may I suggest the Egg Board P.R. team adjust its priorities and focus on the hen house.Thanks.

She said eggs can't get any fresher! Well I'll be!...Interesting that they forgot to show the actual chickens themselves. Maybe it was because the chickens are all wretched and living a miserable existence in their battery cages where they don't even have enough room to blink?

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