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    Mechanical Requirements

  • QSR is printed on a line screen of 150.

    QSR magazine is digitally produced. Please submit ad materials as described below or additional charges may apply.

    Our files are submitted to our printer in a PDF format. We request that advertising be sent in that format. Did you know that not all PDF file formats are the same? Click here for exact specifications on PDF files.

    We can accept other formats including QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Production charges may apply if problems occur with your ad.

    A proof is needed to check the content of your file. For precise color, a contract color (SWOP® certified) proof is required. If no proof is sent, QSR magazine accepts no responsibility for the reproduction of color in your ad.

    Click here to send us your ad electronically at our online advertising drop box.

    Terms & Conditions

    Publication date is the 25th of each month prior to month of issue. The publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions in the publication of any advertisement beyond the value of the contracted space rate.

    On multi-issue contracts, ad will be picked up from the previous issue unless new ad material is received by materials deadline or the publisher is instructed otherwise in writing.

    Invoices will be issued at the time of publication and are payable in U.S. funds. Terms are net 30.

    Advertisers displaying registered trademarks in their advertisements hereby warrant that they do so under the authority and authorized use policies of the trademark owner and hold harmless Journalistic, Inc., for any misuse or damages resulting from misuse.

    The publisher makes no warranty on the space purchased except to provide that space for the advertiser’s purpose as specified by this agreement. The publisher assumes no liabilities and makes no representation of the products or services advertised. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertisements it deems unsuitable for its audience.

    Ad Cancellation

    Cancellation of non-premium space must be made in writing prior to the Ad Cancellation Deadline. Any cancellation of premium space must be made two weeks prior to the space deadline. All cancellations are confirmed within 24 hours, and confirmation of cancellation may be required to ensure non-billing of space. Advertisers canceling after the Ad Cancellation Deadline and failing to furnish materials will have their most current ad run and will be billed for that contracted space. If no ad is available, publisher is authorized to run any content to fill the space, and such space will be billed to the advertiser at the contracted space rate.


    Any advertiser failing to pay for advertising within 30 days of billing is subject to a finance charge at an annual percentage rate of 18% plus loss of agency discount when applicable. Any advertising unpaid within 60 days is subject to collections. Advertiser agrees to pay any collection and legal fees including but not limited to a 35% collection agency fee. All terms and conditions and jurisdiction over this contract are subject to the laws of the State of North Carolina.