Uncle Maddio’s

Uncle Maddio’s Cooks Up Pizza Success: Attracts guests with fast, customized dishes

Guests who visit Uncle Maddio’s expect and receive flavorful food, and leave having had a complete guest-focused dining experience. When you walk into an Uncle Maddio’s Pizza restaurant, its Served with Love Guarantee can be found on one of the walls in the dining room, and each pizza delivered to the guests’ tables is accompanied with a Served with Love greeting. 

Served with Love® originally started as a way to make guests feel welcome; it is now a core element of the brand. “That motto has become something that we can all get behind,” says Matt Andrew, CEO of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza. 

The Uncle Maddio’s brand continues to grow beyond its 50-store, 15-state footprint, thanks to several key differentiations. The brand began when Andrew noticed that pizza was one of the few segments of fast casual left where diners still shared a main dish instead of ordering their own. “I always thought it was interesting that pizzas came in one size,” he says. “So we decided to do something different. We started offering four different sizes of crusts for pizza.”

Andrew didn’t stop there, and he spent close to a year in a test kitchen working with chefs to develop proprietary dough and sauce recipes, plus a blend of cheeses for Uncle Maddio’s pizza. “You need three things to make a great pizza,” he says. “You need great dough, great sauce, and great cheese. And we’ve got all three.”

It paid off, and diners have packed the dining rooms of the Atlanta-based chain consistently since it opened in 2008. Offering more variety than any other pizza restaurants, Uncle Maddio’s pizzas are available in four sizes; three types of crust, including gluten-free; six homemade sauces; seven cheeses; 27 vegetables, and 15 meat options for a total of 48 different toppings and over a million different combinations—more choices than any other pizza restaurant. The menu also includes chef creations, signature salads and Foldwich™ sandwiches. 

For those with dietary restrictions, Uncle Maddio’s offers a huge selection of healthful options including organic greens, gluten-free crust, Daiya vegan cheese, and hormone-free chicken.

While the success of the brand is due in part to the premium toppings and delicious pizzas, the price, which starts at $8 per pizza, and the fact that each pizza can be ready in 6 minutes thanks to the company’s fast-bake ovens keeps Uncle Maddio’s at the forefront of the ever-popular fast-casual category. That equals 200 pizzas baked and sold in an hour. “Our diners say we have the best pizza and the best prices,” Andrew says. 

Potential franchisees who “have a desire to succeed and a desire to work hard” will fit in perfectly with the Uncle Maddio’s team. The company requires franchisees have minimum liquid assets of $120,000, and the cost to open a store starts at $400,000. After applying, franchisees are brought to the company’s Atlanta headquarters for a discovery day that includes a menu tasting, kitchen tour, and the opportunity to meet the corporate team. Once a store begins construction, franchisees come to Atlanta for four weeks of training. Buildout of a restaurant is typically eight to 10 weeks.

For Andrew it’s all about providing franchisees with the tools to be successful. “We’re really giving our franchisees the keys to our brand,” he says, “and we’re only as good as they are.” 

Franchisees who want to join a team where every dish on the menu is served with love, and owners are an important part of the brand should join the Uncle Maddio’s team.

For more information about franchising opportunities with Uncle Maddio’s, visit www.UncleMaddios.com