Peace, Love, and Subs: Dave’s Cosmic Subs seeks far-out franchisees who love rock and roll

Customers walking through the door of a Dave’s Cosmic Subs encounter a blast from the past with music, artwork, and memorabilia from the rock and roll days of the 1960s and 1970s. Dave’s Cosmic Subs, established in 1997, boasts a culture that has made it a legend in its home of northeast Ohio. With 20 stores existing or in development, this sub shop with tons of personality is poised for cosmic growth.

“Our brand is the Woodstock of quick-service,” says Laura Mather, vice president of business development and strategy for Dave’s Cosmic Subs. “All subs are not created equal and Dave’s Cosmic Subs really opens up new possibilities in the world of quick service. Dave’s breaks all the rules with over 30 unique combinations of the highest quality meats, vegetables, and proprietary all-natural sauces on one-of-a-kind fresh, crunchy bread. It is no wonder foodies are passionate about our legendary subs.”

The décor and ambiance are key. “Our concept very much focuses on selling an experience,” Mather says. “Customers can dine in our stores that are a throwback to rock and roll from the past, with a bit of irreverence typical of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The atmosphere is nostalgic for those old enough to remember and a cool history lesson for the young; throw in cosmically delicious food and is it easy to see why Dave’s appeals to all generations.”

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is looking for potential franchisees with a good business sense, management capabilities, financial means, and a belief in the concept. Mather says an ideal candidate is also “an extrovert who loves to engage people, a team player with a positive attitude, one willing to follow our tried and true processes, a clean freak, and someone who is honest, hardworking—and it goes without saying, loves rock and roll.” The brand plans to expand nationally, but in the near-term, is looking to grow in Ohio, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Texas, Florida, and California.

To prepare for a store opening, each new franchise team is totally immersed in intensive training and testing at the original Dave’s Cosmic Subs location in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Multiple members of the corporate staff will be on-site for several days prior to opening and then as long as necessary post-opening to ensure smooth operations of each new store and a high level of comfort for the store management.

Franchisees receive corporate support at all phases of their experience, from choosing a site to running the store after it opens. The corporation also sponsors a Free Sub Giveaway to generate new store publicity.

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is ready for rapid growth. “Our brand is attractive to potential franchisees in 2015 because it is a unique concept with the highest-quality products that has high appeal to all ages and creates a cult-like following,” David Lombardy, A.K.A. Cosmic Dave, says. Mather adds, “The cost to open a location is more economical than many of the quick-serve franchises, our franchise fee is competitive, and we have a hands-on management team that provides the system and all the support necessary to enable a franchisee to succeed. Come join us as we spread love around the world one sub at a time!” RF

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