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    Digital restaurant solutions improve drive-thru efficiency. These high-tech solutions keep customers happy while increasing profits.

    High-tech POS systems are becoming the heart of the industry. From integrated customer loyalty programs to improved labor, portability, and more payment options than ever, they do it all. Here is what you need to know about POS and keeping your guests' data safe.

    <p>Are you looking to buy a fast-casual franchise? Read this report first.</p><p>No other part of the foodservice industry has garnered as much buzz in the past decade as fast casual. This hybrid restaurant segment fills a niche between traditional fast food and casual dining, sharing operational similarities with fast food but with food, d&eacute;cor, and price points closer to casual dining.</p><p>With this growth has come increased interest in franchise opportunities. For this report, <i>QSR</i> magazine undertook careful research and with great thought assembled an original list of top deals in fast casual franchises. Among the criteria we used are size, name recognition, momentum, niche, and sales.</p><p>Note that this could have easily become a best-of list, but we hesitated to go that far. Instead, we have presented it as a group of fast casual concepts we believe are among the best deals for those individuals looking to buy into a fast casual franchise.</p><p>In part two of this report, we have included, for the sake of convenience, some of the franchising-related research published in <i>QSR</i> magazine in the past year, including looks at the state of the credit market and unusual financing strategies.</p><p>Taken together, you&rsquo;ll find this report to be a valuable source of information regarding fast casual restaurant franchising.</p>