As restaurant operators, we are consistently juggling… it all. From mass communication efforts, to updated training materials, to certification handlings, to making sure we’re simply dialed into our teams – we have a lot on our (literal and figurative) plates. Join the Salata L&D team Tiffany Perez (Sr. Director of Training and Development) and Madi Pickett (Training Content Manager) as they sit down and reflect on the training initiatives that have amplified their franchise teams’ success and given them the tools to be successful between restaurants.

Attendees of this webinar will:

  • Identify franchise training gaps.
  • Update franchise L&D strategy.
  • Reflect on their own restaurant growth programs.


  • Tiffany Perez | Sr. Director of Training, Salata LLC
  • Madison Pickett | Sr. Training Manager, Salata LLC
  • Kara Phelps | Custom Content Associate Editor, QSR