Between inflation, staffing shortages, and a looming recession, restaurant leaders must prepare for a challenging 2023. With high costs for ingredients and other supplies, operators must either absorb costs in their restaurant profit margins or raise menu prices and risk alienating loyal customers.

How can restaurants offset these increasing costs and grow their business? By earning a consistnet stream of new customers.

Not only does bringing in new consumers increase daily sales, but each new consumer has the potential to become something far more valuable: a repeat consumer who returns again and again without any additional marketing. But how do you get them into your restaurant in the first place?

Join VP of Marketing at Prairie Pizza Ryan Swanson and Upside Director Maura McHugh for a discussion on how competitive restaurants are acquiring new customers, building strong relationships with their frequent diners, and earning new profit.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The customer acquisition challenge facing restaurants in 2023
  • How Ryan’s team is earning proven ROI from marketing campaigns
  • Prairie Pizza’s partnership with Upside, which has already generated a 1.5% sales lift