Measuring the health of your loyalty program is so much more than sign-ups and app downloads. The true value of a loyalty program must consider your program reach, your ability to impact the behavior of those you reach, and how costly it is for you to drive that change. Join us for a deep dive into how to stop tracking vanity metrics and start tracking true performance.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • What metrics to track to assess the health of their loyalty programs.
  • Why these metrics are more important than traditional metrics.
  • How to measure these new metrics to better evaluate their loyalty program health.

Emily Rugaber | VP of Marketing, Thanx                                                    
Emily Rugaber is Vice President of Marketing at Thanx, where she applies her knowledge of loyalty trends, innovations and best practices for restaurant brands and authors the Thanx Loyalty Disrupt newsletter. Prior to becoming a marketer, she lead Business Intelligence Consulting at analytics company, GoodData, where she advised Fortune 500 clients including SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Target, and Nestle on how to make data actionable.

Peggy Carouthers | Director of Custom Content, Moderator, QSR                                                    
Peggy Carouthers is the director of custom content for the QSR and FSR brands, where she helped launch the Custom Content Studio. She combines her journalism background with prior experience in retail and foodservice to produce award-winning sponsored content that helps marketers engage their target audience and achieve business goals. She is excited to expand the Custom Content Studio to bring value to marketers across the WTWH Media network.

Olga Berkovich Lopategui | Founder, Restaurant Loyalty Specialists                                                    
Olga Berkovich Lopategui is an expert in restaurant loyalty and rewards programs. After spending 15 years at Pizza Hut, KFC, and TGI Fridays, Olga moved into loyalty full-time and now runs a boutique consulting firm serving clients ranging from 20 to hundreds of locations.

Christopher Kopenec | Director, CRM & Loyalty, Brinker International                                                    
Christopher has nearly two decades of CRM, Loyalty, and Digital Marketing across numerous verticals, both agency & brand side.  Inspired by the ever-evolving world of business & technology, he gets excited about opportunities to lead brand with new ways to grow & advance through innovative solutions. A data junkie at heart, his passion for analytics is the key to driving business performance, resulting in both strong strategic development & tactical execution.