How engaging is your loyalty program? World of Beer’s loyalty program allows customers to collect badges, complete challenges, and climb the ranks of local leaderboards. Beneath all the fun is a robust loyalty program that provides value to customers and keeps them coming back.

Games are particularly valuable for brands looking to strengthen connections with Gen Z and Millennials. Collectible badges, NFTs, scratch cards—giving your guests something to brag about, or a chance at huge rewards, is a sure way to generate excitement and strengthen your bottom line.

World of Beer’s Director of Brand & Digital Marketing, Cori Rosecrans, joins this webinar to discuss how World of Beer designed its program and to share some of the stunning results.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for gamification to improve your loyalty program.
  • How World of Beer uses gamification
  • Technology needed to power a gamified loyalty program

Ryan DiLello, Content Specialist, Paytronix