While restaurant operators have long understood the value of loyalty programs to strengthen the bond and increase the value of their customer relationships, a new independent national research study sheds light on the way that executives and customers view a brand’s ability to engage and create long-term loyalty.

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  • The challenges executives are facing with their loyalty program.
  • The technology gap preventing companies from providing their best customer experience.
  • The types of loyalty rewards customers prefer.
  • The value placed on personalized offers by customers.

Tom Byrnes | SVP of Marketing, PayiQ                                                    
Tom Byrnes is the SVP of Marketing for PayiQ, Quisitive’s Global Payments Division. He brings 25 years of executive experience in payment processing, merchant services, payments security, digital customer engagement strategies, and loyalty solutions. Prior to PayiQ, Tom served as the Chief Marketing Officer for T-Gate Payments and Spectra Payments and most recently, the global CMO for Vesta, an enterprise payments security solutions provider.

James Becker | Head of Business Development, Payments Intelligence®, PayiQ                                                    
James Becker is the Head of Business Development, Payments Intelligence® for PayiQ, Quisitive’s Global Payments Division. Over the last two decades, James has been responsible for creating and growing partnerships in Retail, Banking, CPG, Cloud Infrastructure, and Payments. Before PayiQ, James also served as the EVP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Talus Payments and Transaction Labs and the SVP of Business Development for both T-Gate Payments and Ernex, a division of Moneris Solutions.