The staffing issues for restaurants that started during the pandemic continue to be a problem for restaurants of all types and sizes. While staffing issues have improved since the peak of the pandemic in other industries, restaurants continue to struggle to hire and retain good talent. The impact has been felt by operators of all cuisines and concepts; burnout has skyrocketed, customer experience has declined, and restaurants have lost margins due to increased labor costs. 

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is driving new restaurant technology that takes orders from guests without the need for human staff. Not only are fewer staff required, but the technology makes fewer mistakes, upsells at higher rates, and never calls in sick. Imagine a scenario where your phone is ringing off the hook with pickup and delivery orders and each one is being answered automatically by AI-driven technology, completing the orders, taking payment and sending the order directly to the kitchen without your staff lifting a finger. It’s not a future scenario, it’s happening today at chains like Jets Pizza. 

In this webinar you’ll learn first-hand how AI is having a measurable impact on sales and operations. Key takeaways include: 

  • How automated ordering is a unique remedy to staffing issues
  • Doing more with fewer people: shifting staff from ordering to other functions 
  • AI outperforms people: more orders, higher sales, and better customer experiences
  • The Jets Pizza story: higher ticket averages, more repeat business and overall revenue lift
  • Getting started: Understanding if AI-driven technology is right for you

Aaron Nilsson, CIO, Jets Pizza                                                    
Aaron Nilsson is the CIO of Jets Pizza. Nilsson joined the team in early 2019 to use his skill set to build Jet’s Pizza’s digital presence and improve online experiences for both customers and in-store operations. Under his leadership Jets saw more than a300% increase in digital sales in his first three years.Hehas launched some of the most innovative digital products in the category.                                                    
Nilsson was previously associated with brands such as Carhartt, Domino’s, and General Motors. Nilsson has 25 years’ of experience leading, managing, and creating a vision for digital properties, both in-house and for agencies.                                                    
“The biggest shift we will see in technology within the next 10 years is definitely going to be found in AI and alternative delivery options,” says Aaron Nilsson, Jet’s America’s new CIO. “I am capitalizing on this to ensure Jet’s customers have a convenient and positive experience with our digital platforms. Since 1978 we’ve had an advantage over competitors by having better pizza, so now I’m working hard to make our technology as good as our pizza”.                                                    
Jet’s Pizza, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is known for its Detroit-style pizza and fresh, high-quality ingredients. Since its founding in 1978, Jet’s has grown to more than 400 stores in 20 states. The company ranked 13th in Pizza Today’s 2018 list of the top 100 pizza companies in the U.S. by gross sales.

David Werner, Vice President of Product Marketing, HungerRush                                                    
David Werner is the Vice President of Product Marketing at HungerRush and has loved helping people streamline, advance, and level up their restaurant tech operations for the past 25 years. David has spent the majority of his career in the technology industry, gaining experience with companies such as Oracle, CA Technologies, and NIKU. While product marketing is his primary job function by day, David truly enjoys days out on the lake with his family.

Matthew Dieden, Director of Product Marketing, HungerRush                                                    
Matthew Dieden is the Director of Product Marketing at HungerRush. His commitment to eliminating restaurant pain points is changing the way restaurants handle labor shortages and business operations. Prior to HungerRush, Matthew was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Onit, and a Product Marketing Analyst at Quorum where he gained unparalleled experience in the tech space, while also establishing himself as a respected Product Marketer. Matthew has a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Texas State University where he first developed his passion for marketing. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys spending time on the green practicing his golf swing.